Joyner Lucas – Gucci Gang Mp3 Download

Joyner Lucas flows like a man possessed on “Gucci Gang Remix.”

Joyner Lucas is a man on a mission. Last week, the Massachusetts rapper delivered the engaging and provocative I’m Not Racist, which has gone on to spawn an honest discourse on race in America.

And now that the song has put him squarely into the mainstream spotlight, Joyner has wasted little time in capitalizing on the hype, hellbent on showing the masses what he’s truly capable of.

Today, Lucas has dropped a remix to Lil Pump’s “Gucci Gang,” and proceeds to rap like a man possessed, calling out Lil Pump himself, Soundcloud rappers, and drug users like the spirit of Joe Budden coursed through him. All the while, he’s delivering a flow that only a few individuals could really match.

For those who never got into Pump’s vibe, but felt that “Gucci Gang’s” instrumental was hard as hell, this might be for you. Joyner is clearly talented, and if you enjoyed “I’m Not Racist” you should most definitely check this one out.

Fans already knew that Joyner could rap, but now, it sounds like he really has something to prove. Drug rappers better duck.

Quotable Lyrics

I don’t really fuck with no brand names, Joyner bout to go on a rampage
Ou! They don’t wanna see me let the choppa bang
Get this bitch jumpin’ like Shabba Rank
What’s a Lil Pump to a rocket flame?
Turn your pink dreads into pocket change

Joyner Lucas – Gucci Gang Mp3 Download