Jaqueez trip remix

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When Ella Mai’s “Boo’d Up” came out and everybody from T-Pain to T.I. remixed it, there was one notable absence. Jacquees seemed like a natural fit, especially considering how similar his style is to Ella Mai’s. Today Jacquees has delivered, not with a remix but with a “Quemix” of another Ella Mai song: “Trip.”

Jacquees’ version sounds looser and more casual than Ella Mai’s (see “Quotable Lyrics” below) and as a result, allows for more feeling to sneak out, intended or not. This beat is also home territory for Jacquees, who works well with a minimal piano or guitar, like on Young Thug’s “Amazing” from Barter 6, and this piano is most definitely minimal, reminiscent of another Young Thug song: “No Way” from Slime Season.

This year, Jacquees has already been busy. He’s released his debut album, 4725, and a huge amount of other songs and features.

Listen below:

Quotable Lyrics

I done put in work, fucked up, came back again
I jump in the booth, I don’t a pad or a pen
To say how I feel, I can’t keep all the linen in
I’m addicted to ya, your love I gotta give