Future – Oxy Ft Lil Wayne .Mp3 Download

Future – Oxy Ft Lil Wayne .Mp3 Download

As expected, Future teamed up with Chicago artist Juice WRLD for a new joint project today called WRLD On Drugs, which features a slew of a guest appearances from Lil Wayne, Young Thug, Nicki Minaj, Gunna, and more. Looking to highlight one of the new songs for y’all, here goes the collab with Lil Wayne called “Oxy,” sans Juice WRLD.

Over production from Richie Souf, Future handles the repetitive chorus saying “oxy oxy cotin” in a high pitched cadence, while Weezy comes in for the opening verse and praises the deadly pain killer just as the title depicts. Weezy mentions being the “medicine man” and taking pills with his girl, saying he prefers 20mg for his dose while she only takes half a pill. “I pop a whole she took a half/ I’m feelin gold she lookin tan/ It never gets old she never gets mad/ We too high to fuck, I never hear that,” Weezy spits. Future then comes in for the second verse, but keeps the same high pitched cadence as his spits his bars, which unfortunately doesn’t sound too good here.

Take a listen to the rather obnoxious collab and let us know what you think. You feeling this or nah? WRLD On Drugs available now on iTunes.

Quotable Lyrics:

Cotton candy sweet as gold
Make that pussy open close
She take her meds up her nose
Looking like she smell a rose
It says Hermes on my clothes
20 mg, that’s my dose
I fucked her off one of those
She act like she saw a ghost
Wake up baby calm her toes
Wake up baby, vamonos
Sleeping like we on an island somewhere in Galapagos
Its lonely at the top we hold hands Geronimo
100% cotton oxymoron, oxycontin

– Weezy


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