Ellie Goulding – Close to Me Ft Diplo & Swae Lee .Mp3 Download

Ellie Goulding – Close to Me Ft Diplo & Swae Lee .Mp3 Download

English EDM songstress Ellie Goulding wiped her social media feed in order to say she means business with her latest push up the charts. Her brand spanking new single “Close To Me” is a duet with the boyish wonder Swae Lee, and produced by Diplo in accordance with her “target sound.”

A day prior to the song’s release, Ellie shared a cartoon rendering of their tattooed forearms huddled up together. Goulding and Diplo already shared a closeness, having worked together on the Major Lazer project, on a track called “Powerful.” “Close To Me” has been selected as the lead single for her forthcoming album Delirium, which also includes her smash pop hit “Love Me Like You Do.”

Though you will be hard pressed to enjoy “Close To Me” unless you are of the pop persuasion, it is interesting to chart Swae Lee’s growth as a melody-maker. Where do you stand on “Close To Me?”

Quotable Lyrics

You can never come too close for comfort
I had to cut my bitch off, she bein’ stubborn
I make it known I fuck with you, not undercover
And when I jump in, I’m burnin’ rubber
Iced out body, didn’t go to college
Price tag poppin’, then you on a private
Don’t say “Sorry,” everyone’s watchin’
When you’re where I am, everything’s timeless.

-Swae Lee


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