2 Chainz – Girl’s Best Friend Ft. Ty Dolla Sign .Mp3 Download

2 Chainz – Girl’s Best Friend Ft. Ty Dolla Sign .Mp3 Download

2 Chainz is offering fans a couplet of singles. This gesture comes off the heels of highly-medicated sabbatical, where GQ sent him on an array of fact-finding missions. In 2 Chainz’ return, the spotlight is now being shined squarely on his forthcoming project Rap or Go to the League.

The second of two singles included in the “loot bag” is a duet with Ty Dolla $ign named “Girl’s Best Friend,” a title with the potential to validate all the wrong tendencies in the general populace. Be sure to note, Ty Dolla $ign has two lovable dispositions that he oscillates between, none of which is insecure or smothering by nature.

“Girl’s Best Friend” is an appropriate song for 2 Chainz to unleash at this juncture of time. You’d be forgiven if the memory of his marriage this summer faded into obscurity, given the event was completely overshadowed by Kanye’s decision to wear pool shoes.

But alas, 2 Chainz married his sweetheart, then wrote a song about it, and to offset all the gushy sentimentality, asked Ty Dolla $ign to square things off. Dolly is admittedly “spoken for” as well. All these thuggish-ruggish types characters are leading double lives it would seem.

Quotable Lyrics:

So you got a new watch
Lemme peep it out.

-2 Chainz


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