Black Thought – Streams Of Thought Vol. 2 Album .Mp3 Download

Black Thought – Streams Of Thought Vol. 2 Album .Mp3 Download

Black Thought is, simply put, monstrously good at rapping.

Black Though & Salaam Remi Join Forces For “Streams Of Thought Vol 2″

Despite popular opinion, a solo album is not required to achieve near-unanimous acclaim as one of the best living rappers and lyricists to ever do it. Ask Andre 3000, and when you’re finished, ask Black Thought.

The legendary Roots rapper has been steadily earning acclaim as your favorite rapper’s favorite rapper, with last year’s ten-minute Mobb Deep freestyle acting as a nail-in-the-coffin slash victory lap, a flex-worthy of Olympus; if Thought challenged the game to a rap competition, you’d better hope whoever makes up the Hip-Hop Avengers gets the memo in a timely manner.

Now, Black Thought has decided to come through with another brief yet memorable dose of new music. Following up his earlier Streams Of Thought Vol. 1, a joint endeavor with 9th Wonder and Khrysis, Thought has tapped Salaam Remi for the second go-around.

Earlier this month, Black Thought took to Instagram to paint a picture of the creation process, citing two flights and three sessions as the alchemical formula behind the nine-track project.

Though not technically the solo “Album” fans so covet, if you think about it, both Streams Of Thought together certainly stand united as one cohesive journey. Step inside the mind of a lyrical genius, and pay your respects accordingly.

Stream/Download Black Thought – Streams Of Thought Vol. 2 Album below,

01 Fentanyl
02 Soundtrack to Confusion
03 Get Outlined
04 History Unfolds
05 How To Hold A Choppa
06 The New Grit
07 Long Liveth
08 Streets
09 conception

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