2 Chainz – 2 Dollar Bill Ft Lil Wayne & E-40 .Mp3

2 Chainz – 2 Dollar Bill Ft Lil Wayne & E-40 .Mp3

2 Chainz, E-40, and Lil Wayne all have one thing in common: a propensity for the unexpected pun or literal allusion. While E-40 remains the most fluid of the bunch, and Lil Wayne the most tangential in a lyrical sense, 2 Chainz is arguably the most self-deprecating of the three, even though the designer wears tell a different story altogether.

When 2 Chainz speaks of an exclusively “Polo” collection of boxer shorts, it’s being said in a deliberate fashion to convey a certain rap persona. The same goes for E-40 and the manner in which he presents himself as a Plutonian myth, or Weezy in the odd defiance he displays in non-sports-related interviews. With all that said, Rap or Go to the League was the perfect meeting spot for such mannerisms to emerge victorious, once again.

On “2 Dollar Bill,” all three rappers combine to form a “triangle offense” of quirkdom – in pointing to the scarcity of the “2 Dollar Bill” as unique point of reference, especially E-40, who likens himself to a Wagyu steak cooked at high temperatures – for little over a minute on both sides, I kid you not. Check out the DJ Mustard-produced “2 Dollar Bill” and hit us with your thoughts.

Quotable Lyrics:

I’m high, mid-air, don’t vomit up here
Like the 13th floor, fuck it, I’ma take the stairs
Like what 2 Chainz wears, shit’s from Rio de Janeiro
I’m rare, like a commercial with Future and Cher
Like a cop that’s fair, like a triple-double dare
I’m rare, really rare, you scared, you really scared.

– Lil Wayne

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