Def Jam - Undisputed Album

Def Jam – Undisputed Album

Def Jam’s reputation doesn’t need to be defended, but if you were them, you’d take the time to remind folks why you have such longevity in the industry, too. The record label has released a 15-track, 44-minute compilation titled Undisputed that showcases some of the labels new additions to its roster. The album helps celebrates the label’s 35th anniversary, a milestone that many others only wish they could achieve.

Recognizable names like Tyga, YG, and Rich The Kid stand out among the next generation of Def Jam including YK Osiris, Lil Brook, Lul GSneakk, Fetty Luciano, TJ Porter, Dominic Lord, Nasaan, Nimic Revenue, and many more. “During the course of the past year, in collaboration with our talented EVP Steven Victor and our incredible team of executives, we have worked diligently to define the label we strive to become,” said Def Jam Recordings chairman & CEO Paul Rosenberg. “One of the most important aspects of our efforts has centered around building a new roster. Together with these incredible new artists, we have developed urgent, cutting-edge, and truly great new music and content. As we proudly enter our 35th anniversary year, I’m excited to launch this project, one that I think defines and encapsulates our new direction.”


1. Loose Lips – Lul G ft.
2. Lil Boy – Nassan ft. Bernard Jabs
3. Spray – Sneak ft. Tyga & YG
4. Bay 2 NY – TJ Porter ft. Lul G
5. Big Boss – S3nsi Molly & Lil Brook
6. Parade – Dominic Lord ft. Rich The Kid
7. Bandz – Billz
8. Recount – TJ Porter ft. Landstrip Chip
9. Death Row – Ashton Travis
10 Blue Faces – Fetty Luciano ft. Landstrip Chip
11. Diamond Boo – Dominic Lord
12. Therapy – Nimic Revenue
13. Blessing – YFL Kelvin ft. YK Osiris
14. Tragic – Sneakk ft. Bernard Jabs
15. Dope Boy – Pvrx

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