Anderson .Paak - King James

Anderson .Paak – King James

Anderson .Paak is keeping the funk alive by keeping his sporadic influence to the borderlines of California. Paak’s forthcoming project Ventura is more than tinged with a watermark of funkiness. In fact, if his latest single “King James” is any indication, Paak digs even deeper into his folk-funk mantra than he does on Oxnard. No dichotomy exists between Paak the performer, singer, drummer, and rapper: all beckon the same way, even with Dr. Dre demanding perfection at every turn.

On “King James,” Paak shows us to what length he’s willing to bring his flirtatious side to the forefront. Even in the song’s refrain, the listener comes into contact with an Anderson .Paak in full command of his charismatic authority, as inferred by a call and response session ending in “coming with me,” with every utterance. Not only is Paak sharing “King James” in international markets (midnight in North America) but the tracklist for Ventura has surfaced as well, right here. Read ’em and weep suckers.

Quotable Lyrics:

Let’s just not talk about it
If I make a move, you’re coming with me
What about the love? (coming with me)
What about the neighbours? (coming with me)
The people that you came with? (coming with me).


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