River Tiber Nevada

River Tiber Shares New Song Nevada.

For your routine change of pace, Canadian singer and producer River Tiber has returned with his textured new drop “Nevada.”

For some time, River’s work is best identified from the background as the multi-instrumentalist and vocalist’s works and talents have been flipped in the forms of samples or collaborations with the likes of Travis Scott, Kaytranada, Post Malone, and Jhene Aiko among others. Though, “Nevada” is certainly a definitive work that could very well catalyze River into the spotlight that has long awaited his presence.

“This song is about embracing the unknown, leaning into the feeling of being lost, finding love in the most unlikely of places,” River says via Flaunt. Ultimately it’s about accepting the present. I’ve been listening to a lot of Marvin Gaye like always, and he made some of the most graceful music ever – one of my biggest inspirations.”

Listen to River Tiber “Nevada” Below.

Quotable Lyrics

I had to let go
Everything that I imagined
I found God after the panic
I wasn’t ready and that’s always how it happens

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