Childish Major Feelings Hurt

Childish Major “Feelings Hurt”.

Childish Major must be prepping something because this is the second song he has released in a matter of weeks – the last one being the smooth R&B-tinged, “For You”. If that song was intended to be an uplifting ode to women, this one can be viewed as the other side of that same coin in a way. Not that he’s denigrating all women, but he’s calling out those who have tried to implicate him in some fabricated drama for entertainment’s sake. As he advises in a faded melody before the chorus, “If you can’t tell me what the issue is, baby please mind your business.”

The theme of the song leads Childish Major into some pretty savage territory, but no one could say he’s totally out of line and no one could say this song isn’t fun as hell. His comical lines are delivered in flows that bounce all over the deep 808s. The drained-out whining of saxophone is tucked under the drums, like the nagging that he cannot be bothered to address. The track has an infectious chorus too and the video Childish shared for it shows a group of guys gleefully dancing along to it in the street. The song features some narration from Guapdad 4000, whose ear-grabbing voice received some shine on the recently released Dreamville compilation, Revenge of the Dreamers III.

Quotable Lyrics

Please don’t take it personal, I barely even know the hoe
Ball fade from a bald head, it’s an Amber Rose
Freaky when it’s Fallon on, famous when it’s cameras on

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